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SHOGUN first impression

I was recently invited to watch an early screening of the upcoming Shogun series, so here is my little spoiler-free review about it!

As a little side note: I have not read the book the series is based on or watched the 80s TV show version. This is my first impression, from having watched the first 2 episodes. 

As a big fan of Japanese media and samurai stories, I was really intrigued by the show, but also a little skeptical of how it was going to be. I’m happy to say that it really blew my expectations out of the water, and I was instead met with a riveting show that I cannot wait to watch more of. 

Shogun is a historical drama (fictionalized version of real events) about the rise of a daimyo to shogun, during feudal Japan/late Sengoku period. 

The show has INCREDIBLE sets and costumes, with truly impressive cinematography and sound. From what we were shown during the early screening, the show was done with the utmost care for authenticity and accuracy. This includes everything from hand movements to the style of calligraphy used at the time. 

I was completely transported, while watching, and I was really impressed (and pleasantly surprised) at how much Japanese dialogue there was. I will say that subtitles are definitely needed, because some characters speak with a heavy accent and the subject is important to understand. 

The story, while complex, is interesting to follow, as we are introduced to this world by an outsider (an English sailor) who serves as an audience surrogate. 

The plot is full of political intrigue, drama, and possibly a hint of romance? Ridiculously well acted and something really refreshing to watch!

I won’t give a rating until I watch the rest, however I will say that the 2ish hours that it took to watch the 2 episodes FLEW by, because I was so invested! Absolutely a must watch!

This awesome FX Series comes out Feb. 27th, 2024 on Hulu!

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