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How I made my Aqua cosplay!

I'm so happy to share Aqua! This has been a dream costume, so it's so rewarding to cosplay her finally!! This took me WAY longer than I anticipated, but I also didn't want to rush it, so I hope you like it!!!

I had this idea of how I wanted to show my WIP, and I realized that it's better to share as I go (so I will do that moving forward), BUT here is how I made her!

First, I'd like to say that I put my own twist on it and chose fabrics that were really appealing to me. I wanted to make it ✨FANCY✨ haha!!

I started with the base- the bodysuit- which was sponsored by Speerise. I took apart a bra and hand-sewed the cup covers, to the chest of the suit.Speerise also gave me a pair of leggings that I cut apart to make the shorts. I then took the leg parts and sewed them onto a pantyhose, to make the thigh highs. 

I then made the corset using THIS pattern I found on Etsy, from Charitopattern. I used a soft pleather, so I didn't have to line it. I made some boning channels with some bias tape I had (of course it was bright yellow LMAO), added some boning from an old corset, then closed everything off using a Hong Kong stitch. I made some fake "corset closure" on the front (the white ribbons in the front) and then embellished with some black trim. I added some grommet trim to the back, so it can lace-up closed.

For the "skirt", I created two rectangular panels, out of a GORGEOUS sparkle/glitter fabric, then added a gathered strip (about 5in wide and about twice the width of the panel). 

I then attached it to an elastic and added some white strips of fabrics over. 

For the sleeves, I drafted my own pattern using muslin. I then used a cream brocade, sewed it together using a flat felled seam, and finished all the edges with some bias tape I made out of muslin scraps. I then did all of the armor using THIS pattern from JennyDesu on Etsy. I made all the pieces out of 5mm EVA foam and did some very minor adjustments, so that I could cover the pieces with oil slick and iridescent fabrics. This was the part that took the longest, since I had A LOT of gluing to do. 

And FINALLY the part I was most nervous about- the wig!! 

I started with a light blue wavy wig I owned (it was an Amazon find). I then straightened the hair, then started to cut it in layers. I softened the layers with some thinning scissors, and tried to work on the style as I cut/sprayed. It was a lot of hairspray, combing, hair dryer, more cutting. 

I then glued some extra hair on the hair part, so the wefts wouldn't show underneath. Then finished it by adding some dark blue eyeshadow on the roots and tips of the hair. 

I recorded some videos too, so I will try to share that too!!BUT HERE SHE IS!! I hope you like itttt!!!

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