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My name is Indra (a.k.a FantasyNinja, hence all the little ninjas!) and I am a Venezuelan living in Florida!

I am an artist of many hats, but my biggest passions are costume design, art, and gaming!. 

Notable facts and accolades:

- 19 years experience in cosplay with multiple award-winning costumes

- Cosplay guest and public-speaking experience at over 100 conventions/events (national and international)

- Professional makeup artist and beauty advisor with certification from Lancôme.

- Industry seamstress work for Busch Gardens parks for 4+ years

- Industry seamstress work for Nexon Games (Dirty Bomb project)

- Official Lara Croft ambassador

- Official Plaid Crafts ambassador

- Cosplayer for marketing campaign for JoAnn Stores project

- Cosplayer for marketing campaign for Tomb Raider/Coca-Cola project

- Cosplayer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Montreal, Canada reveal event

- Cosplayer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider booth (Montreal Comic Con)

- First representing Team USA in China for CICAF cosplay competition

- Manager and coordinator for multiple international cosplay competitions (including CICAF, C4, ICL)

- Community Manager for (7 yrs)

- Cast/talent for Syfy channel's docu-reality series "Heroes of Cosplay"

- Cast/talent for Marvel Studios' YouTube series "Marvel Becoming"

- Capcom Creator

- Twitch Affiliate

- Fluent in both English and Spanish

I have made it my mission to fully pursue my passion and help others succeed. I want to be a positive community member, work with companies I love, and be a reliable and professional artist! 


I live in Orlando, FL with my fiancé John, love video games, and obsess over Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.



please message me via my contact page or e-mail me at 

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