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Throughout my creative journey, I've been extremely fortunate to have had some truly amazing opportunities and accolades! Here are some notable collaborations that I'm forever grateful for!


Tomb Raider

Official Lara Croft Ambassador for Shadow of the Tomb Raider video game. This included cosplay showcase work, promotional events, and convention appearance for Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics. 


Became the first USA Team to represent in the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF). I created a partnership with the event's leaders, signing a friendship and brotherhood agreement with them. This led to me becoming the organizer and manager for several years, for future USA Teams to attend CICAF.


Heroes of Cosplay

Part of the cast for Syfy channel's reality docu-series "Heroes of Cosplay" season 1.5. This included costume creation, acting/improv, and participating in costume contests across the US and Canada.

Marvel's Becoming

Created a Jean Grey cosplay for Marvel's YouTube docu-series "Marvel Becoming". This included an interview and costume-making process, as well as following me to Megacon Convention in Orlando, FL, to reveal and showcase the cosplay.

You can watch the episode here: 

Marvel Becoming - Jean Grey


Cosplay Fabrics

For about 7 years, I worked for Cosplay Fabrics by Wyla, as part of their marketing team. This was the first line of its kind, so my expertise in cosplay and graphic design helped to helm marketing efforts in an extremely creative, inclusive, and cosplay-centric manner. This included tutorial videos for their YouTube channel, creative content creation for all their socials, and working with cosplayer influencers for promo work. 

Notable Collaborations and Sponsorships

Noteworthy facts and accolades:

- 19 years experience in cosplay with multiple award-winning costumes

- Cosplay guest and public-speaking experience at over 100 conventions/events (national and international)

- Professional makeup artist and beauty advisor with certification from Lancôme.

- Industry seamstress work for Busch Gardens parks for 4+ years

- Industry seamstress work for Nexon Games (Dirty Bomb project)

- Official Lara Croft ambassador

- Official Plaid Crafts ambassador

- Cosplayer for marketing campaign for JoAnn Stores project

- Cosplayer for marketing campaign for Tomb Raider/Coca-Cola project

- Cosplayer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Montreal, Canada reveal event

- Cosplayer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider booth (Montreal Comic Con)

- First representing Team USA in China for CICAF cosplay competition

- Manager and coordinator for multiple international cosplay competitions (including CICAF, C4, ICL)

- Community Manager for (7 yrs)

- Cast/talent for Syfy channel's docu-reality series "Heroes of Cosplay"

- Cast/talent for Marvel Studios' YouTube series "Marvel Becoming"

- Capcom Creator

- Twitch Affiliate

- Official Hot Topic ambassador "HT Fanatic" 

I have made it my mission to fully pursue my passion and help others succeed. I want to be a positive community member, work with companies I love, and be a reliable and professional artist! 



please message me via my contact page or e-mail me at 

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