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EVA foam shoulder armor


  • 1 sheet of 5mm EVA foam 

  • 1 sheet of 2mm EVA foam

  • Paper

  • Metallic Sharpie

  • Ruler

  • Brads 

  • X-acto or craft knife

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue

  • Hot glue sticks

  • Wax paper

  • Contact cement glue

  • Heat gun

  • Painter’s caulk

SAFETY NOTE: Please be careful working with hot and sharp tools, use a mask/respirator, and make sure to work in a well ventilated area (in case of any possible fumes and chemical smells).

Step 1

Place paper over your shoulder to create the pattern. Focus on the curve of the shoulder and pinch the paper as you see fit. Using a marker, draw a line on the center of the shoulder and the shape you’d like your armor to be. Create a half of a pattern that you can mirror for the front and back of the shoulder. You can also do this over a dress form or ask a friend/family to assist as your shoulder model.

Cut the paper and test it out, until you’re happy with the shape. Make sure to add notch lines to any parts that need to be joined, so you know exactly where to glue and attach the pieces.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can just use the pattern I made! Just download and print!

Part 2

Trace your patterns over the 5mm EVA foam, using a metallic Sharpie. Be sure to mark your notches and anything that can help you identify which pieces go together.

Part 3

Place wax paper over your work area, to help protect your project. Next, brush contact cement glue over the edges that will be joined and wait until the glue is tacky (please check the glue’s instructions).

Once you’re ready to join the pieces, carefully start at the edge and match up the notch lines. You may have to pull or stretch the foam, to get the notches to line up perfectly. Don’t worry if it’s not completely smooth or if there are small gaps.

Part 4

Once all of your pieces are glued and completely dry, you can shape the foam by using a heat gun. Lightly go over the foam with the heat gun and pull and bend to create the shape you want for your armor. Do this in parts, and go over or reshape as needed. Make sure all our pieces are completely cooled down and assemble any separate pieces, using contact cement.

Part 5

For an added detail, add brads to give the piece a studded leather look. Simply use a ruler to measure the placement of each brad and attach all the brads by piercing the foam. Cover all of the brad backs that are exposed on the underside of the shoulder piece with the 2mm EVA foam. You can create strips, squares, or create a pattern in the shape you need to cover all of the brads. 

Part 6 

Finish your shoulder piece by adding a small bead of caulk on the seams and smoothing it with a finger and a wet paper towel. Go over it or sand as needed. Once it’s dry, you can paint it and add to your cosplay!

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