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Dream Cosplays

Updated: Feb 6

I started to cosplay in 2014, making this my 20th year cosplaying! I never thought I would be so into it, let alone have made so many costumes! For many years, I’ve made costumes of characters and designs that I really loved. There’s always a “wishlist” that is never-ending of cosplays and ideas that I want to do, but I was wondering- what are the DREAM COSPLAYS? I’ve tried to tackle a bunch of them, but some I just haven’t gotten quite right. 

My first pick is Tifa, because it was the very first costume I made. I would love to come full circle and make her FF7 remake version.

I think the biggest hurdle is honestly the cut of the costume. I’m not a fan of showing my midriff, but I hope to overcome that insecurity. In the past, I’ve had to go through mental hurdles and dieting, but I want to be able to tackle Tifa and other cosplays I’ve been dreaming of making, like Juliet: 

I think I can adjust some of the styling and make it a little bit higher on my waist/belly, so it’s a little bit more flattering for my shape! The biggest hurdle with Juliet (aside from tummy showing) is her chainsaw, which I think would be a fun challenge!! 

Another cosplay with a cool prop is Sniper Wolf. She’s just TOO COOL, MAN!

I tend to be scared to cosplay characters that I love. And it gets worse the more obsessed I am. 

The main one being Arwen (OFC!!) any and all of her outfits! I dream of her riding dress and coronation gown <3 

The other one is Fran. I actually started this cosplay last year, but I chickened out. Maybe I will actually do it this year. EEP!

And the other one being Persephone. This one is honestly one that I have put off out of sheer terror of being my queen Monica Bellucci, but also her dress is rubber and that's a skill I don't have (it's so expensiiive), but I think with current materials available, I think I can make something comparable (shaking/crying/laughing as I type that).

And finally two dream cosplays I already made, but want to upgrade: The Boss and Lulu! I was happy with them, but I feel like now materials are higher quality and I have a better idea on how to make them. I think it’s just improving the fits, styling/makeup, materials, and some aspects that I now have better images of, because finding proper references only happens AFTER the cosplay is made (WHYY! angry noises)

I’m not really sure what makes a cosplay a dream cosplay, but I’ve learned that it’s a mix of loving the character and being able to find the right resources for it.  I have many other dream cosplays, but I think these are the main ones I would like to tackle sometime. Hoping this year to at least make ONE!

Here’s to making dreams happen!

*EDIT I forgot to add this one (I honestly have so many dream costumes!), which is Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha!!!

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