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How I made my Ace cosplay!

Ahoy, cosplay enthusiasts! Join me on an epic journey as I transform into the fiery Ace from One Piece. This crafting saga covers everything from modified overalls to intricate accessories. I hope you enjoy the video, but if you need a little TL;DR, here's a mini breakdown of the video:

Clothes and Accessories:

  • Shorts: Overalls were modified, and a custom blue bag was crafted from flex foam.

  • Backpack: Tiger-print fabric dyed green, carefully stitched to create a drawstring channel.

  • Accessories: Handmade foam clay buttons, elbow pads from repurposed fabric, and a stylish bracelet.

Log Pose, Belt, and Knife:

  • Log Pose: Foam clay ball, clear worbla, holographic sticker paper, and an old watch make for an eye-catching accessory.

  • Belt and Knife: Meticulously crafted with layered foam, vinyl, and embellishments.

Hat and Necklace:

  • Hat: 5mm foam, foam clay, and worbla create Ace's iconic hat with intricate faces and embellishments.

  • Necklace: Simple yet impactful, red wooden beads strung onto elastic.

This crafting odyssey blends creativity with resourcefulness, creating an authentic Ace cosplay. Special thanks to Speerise for contributing to this adventure.

You can find the patterns that I made for Ace (as well as other cosplays) in my pattern shop here:

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